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Shelter Integration

Shelter Integration

SYNCRO’s integration capabilities include a wide range of scope and application. Our past performance spans from small, hand-held sensors to fully-equipped deployable work centers.

Examples of our solutions in the commercial markets space include: Consumer OEM Solutions for Small Engine Charging Systems, Safety Solutions for the Material Handling Market, Energy Solutions for Power Management, and Distribution in the Solar and Conventional Power Sectors, including High-Voltage Applications.

Our Military and Defense Solutions include Mobile Technical Shelters that serve as permanent and deployable, climate controlled facilities to support Calibrations, Testing, Diagnostics and Maintenance needs. These solutions are fully integrated and delivered with the necessary mission ready equipment.

SYNCRO has provided Defense Solutions to include fully integrated and tested deployable perimeter security systems with sensor technology including Chem-Bio, Video, Radar, Acoustic, Thermal Imaging inputs networked to an integrated Command and Control (C2) Server. SYNCRO has also developed and deployed counter UaS integrated solutions as well as multiple integrated remote launch support systems requiring extensive electronics and mechanical fabrication vertically integrated to support and deliver the end solution.

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  • Our Certifications ISO Certified Syncro Corp. is proud to be certified in ISO-9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Certified.
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