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Military Defense

Your Agile and Entrepreneurial Partner

Our motto for performance in the Military and Defense Sectors is to be your Agile and Entrepreneurial partner. Our demonstrated performance includes Communications and Sensor Integration, Power Distribution Units and Signal Distribution Units for the following applications: C-UaS, Targets and Threat Simulators, DRONES/Foreign Military Systems, HERA Targets, Integrated Avionics and Missile (Launcher) PATRIOT programs, Target Tracking and Control Station UHF, New Generation Automated Targetry and Next Generation Testing Systems, and Aerial Weapons Scoring System (AWSS).

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Integrated Solutions for Security Perimeter

SYNCRO has extensive capability in developing and delivering integrated solutions for perimeter security. Integration begins with detection methods and technologies. The architecture(s) required: SENSOR INPUT- DATA EVAULATION-RESPONSE(s):

sensor dataActive sensor inputs can include Acoustic, Biometric, Chemical, Radar, Thermal, and Conventional HD Image Processing. Sensors are selected based on the detection specifications and range determined by the end user. SYNCRO specializes in providing technical assistance to help customers choose the most suitable sensor technology and product based on their specific requirements. They utilize customer input and collaborate with multiple supply chain partners to ensure the final product selection meets the customer’s needs and expectations. This approach allows SYNCRO to offer comprehensive support throughout the sensor selection process, from initial consultation to final product procurement.

data evaluationAfter the trigger is established, the information is processed at high speeds over current communication technologies that include: include fiber optic, secure cellular, radio, coaxial, and PoE solutions. The integrated communications are matched to the end user’s software application. SYNCRO completes the necessary electrical, mechanical, and thermal analysis to ensure optimal performance in the end user’s environment. In cases where Customized Off the Shelf (COTS) solutions are not available, SYNCRO will utilize our vast in-house design and manufacturing resources available to create the necessary custom communication solution.

predictive analysisThe output of the data evaluation is either to log the issue or proceed with a countermeasure.

Based on the choice of the end user, multiple actions can be generated, and data will be maintained for system learning and predictive analytics.

If action is required, the output can be communicated for proper notification of interested parties over multiple media such as that mentioned above.

We Follow Through.

SYNCRO’s engineering and integration resources are used to evaluate materials for obsolescence issues and design related issues. We then make all the necessary corrections and updates while concurrently providing corrections and updates to the end customer for approval SYNCRO will also research and recommend qualified supply chain partners for unique items. Our functional test capability includes development of electronic and electromechanical validation of components and in house ESS (Environmental Stress Screening) Test Protocol for the applicable electronic systems we manufacture.

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