Manufaturing + Systems Integrations?

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Deliver an Integrated Rapid Procurement and Logistics solution

Project Information
PEO CS and CSS PM Force Projection – PD TMDE Activity
Syncro has delivered over $25mm of FMS Solutions since 2018 with 100% customer satisfaction.
Contract Number
$25MM +

The Challenge: To deliver an integrated rapid procurement and logistics solution for assets related to and including calibration equipment and mobile facilities to support aviation and missile platforms to include Blackhawk, Chinook, Apache, HiMars and Patriot.

The Solution: Syncro developed and deployed a custom process to include the following:

  • Dedicated Program Manager and Supply Chain Analyst Assigned
  • BOM Structure Completed in ERP Systems, Unique identifiers created for each part
  • Work Area and Receiving and Inventory Location Established
  • Vendor Qualification and Purchase Order Entry
  • Product Receiving – Verification
  • Items cataloged in ERP System, Pictures Each item, assigned location
  • Customer Status Report Generated and distributed weekly
  • Bi Weekly Project Review Meetings

Onsite Product Verification

  • Product selected from report.
  • Product issued Syncro- TMDE
  • Product Verified
  • Product returned to inventory with ID and noted on report
  • Package and Delivery

SYNCRO CORPORATION maintains significant long term relationships with all major OEM’s in the TMDE equipment space which allows for commercial advantages and early awareness of new product introductions as well as advanced notification and management of product obsolescence.

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